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Mobileye and Porsche collaborate on SuperVision

by Kevin Jost
The Mobileye SuperVision sensor set.
The Mobileye SuperVision sensor set.

Porsche and Mobileye have announced a strategic collaboration for the production of ADAS (advanced driver assistance system) solutions. The premium Volkswagen Group brand plans to offer automated assistance and navigate-on-pilot functions based on Mobileye’s SuperVision technology platform.

“Mobileye is one of the world’s leading providers of automated driving functions,” said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche. “This technology will help us forge ahead with our strategy of modern, sporty luxury. We are combining an outstanding product with a highly personal experience.”

The Mobileye announcement adds to other automated driving collaborations for the Volkswagen Group with Bosch, Qualcomm, and Horizon Robotics.

Porsche says that the SuperVision-based systems will be integrated and tuned by its engineers to ensure a brand-worthy driving experience. Specific areas of interest include those for driver attention monitoring and ensuring an intuitive user interface in conjunction with the Porsche Communication Management system.

“In most situations, drivers will continue to want to drive a Porsche themselves in the future—and will be able to do so at any time,” said Michael Steiner, Board Member for Research and Development at Porsche and Head of Development at the Volkswagen Group. “This said, there are certain aspects of partially automated driving that we are interested in. Intelligent systems like Mobileye SuperVisiontechnology can aid the driver in everyday situations, for example by not having to keep their hands on the wheel the entire time in traffic jams.”

The Volkswagen Group has been working with Mobileye on ADAS for years, and Porsche says that SuperVision technology can also be used by other Group brands as a platform solution.

“Like Porsche, we are driven by the goal of using technological innovations to improve the driving experience at a world-class level,” said Prof. Amnon Shashua, Founder, President and CEO of Mobileye. “We developed the Mobileye SuperVisionsystem to enhance safety through the synergetic interaction of the driver and the vehicle.”

At CES 2023, Shashua discussed how future consumer AVs will come to market at scale by harnessing SuperVision as the baseline for higher levels of autonomy. The company now sees a revenue pipeline of ADAS business through 2030 of greater than $17 billion, of which $3.5 billion is projected revenue from SuperVision.

The system combines software, hardware, and artificial intelligence to enable drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel on various road types while visually monitoring their surroundings—depending on local laws and traffic situations. With the system, cars can follow the navigation routes chosen by the driver, autonomously change lanes, and automatically overtake slower vehicles on multi-lane roads.

The system monitors the environment with eleven cameras and supports radar fusion perception. Other major elements are Road Experience Management high-resolution maps and the Mobileye EyeQ6 High SoC (system-on-chip).

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