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Sky-Hero, AARDVARK and PROJECT7 Collaborate on the SINGN Mk1 Throwable Robot

by IAV Staff

The tactical robotics suite from Brussels-based Sky-Hero, Aardvark Tactical of La Verne, California, and Aardvark’s PROJECT7 ARMOR is expanding in 2022, providing tactical operators with access to an easy-to-use, intelligent recon ecosystem that revolutionizes mission safety. While the highly successful LOKI Mk2 Tactical sUAS changed operator tactics in the air, the new SIGYN Mk1 Recon System provides superior scouting on the ground in the form of a compact, throwable robot. 

SIGYN Mk1 is an operator-friendly robot that provides teams with superior scouting through two ultra-sensitive Day-Night cameras. While 150-degree views allow for an impressive scope, dimmable IR LEDs on the front, back and top of the vehicle provide video clarity and NVG lighting. SIGYN Mk1 is purpose built with aviation-grade carbon fiber and reinforced with polycarbonate frames for a rugged but lightweight build, allowing the operator to deploy the bot with a single-handed throw. 

SIGYN Mk1 is integrated into the Sky-Hero Tactical Robotics Suite and is operated via the Odyssy GCS, the same handheld GCS controller that operates the LOKI Mk2. The small but rugged Odyssy GCS controller employs the superior Odyssy platform, an ultra-secure interface that doesn’t require the use of GPS, Wi-Fi or cell service. Its strong AES 256 encryption and diversified analog audio-video receptors prohibit signal interception and secure all vehicle, payload and intelligence data. The GCS can operate up to four devices simultaneously. This allows a single operator to control any combination of up to four LOKI sUAS and/or SIGYN UGVs simultaneously from a single GCS controller. It also allows other team members to choose between and watch any of the four device feeds from the new Tactical Wrist Viewer, regardless of which device is currently being controlled. The new suite of payloads, from diversionary devices to sensors, will expand to support the SIGYN and be interchangeable between Loki and SIGYN in Q3 2022. All products are designed and constructed in Europe and the United States by NATO allies and supported in the United States by Aardvark Tactical.

Also new in 2022 is an expanded partnership between Sky-Hero and PROJECT7. Designed to create an entire line of deployment accessories for LOKI and SIGYN, the partnership ensures that they remain the most tactically deployable robots in the world. The new PROJECT7 accessories include the PROJECT7 ILB-FLEX backpack system, purpose-built for Sky-Hero robotics. The system is mission-configurable with removable pouches and panels, allowing the end user to select and carry only the items required for the current mission. PROJECT7 is also releasing a new leg carrying system for SIGYN, a revised version of the LOKI Vest Integration System (LVIS), and a new P7 Gauntlet to house the new remote viewer.  

Driven by innovative technology, the Sky-Hero Tactical Robotics Suite allows operators to eliminate the risk of the unknown in close-quartered indoor operations. 

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