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Hexagon Releases New iCON 120 Machine Smart Antenna

by Peter Gutierrez
Leica iCON 120 for machine control in construction. Image: Hexagon.

In April 2024, Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, announced the launch of its new iCON 120 Machine Smart Antenna, designed to deliver highly scalable and flexible machine control solutions for construction professionals. 

The iCON 120 is an advanced GNSS antenna intended for integration within the existing Leica MC1 platform, extending the company’s machine control solution offering to cover more applications and machine types.

With today’s increasingly stringent project budget and specification requirements, it is more essential than ever to incorporate intelligent solutions at every stage in major construction operations. Rationalized and connected hardware and software are being used to increase productivity, efficiency and safety, responding to the rising demand for adaptable, easily accessible, and customizable machine control systems.

Many construction machines, like compaction rollers, generally operate at only sub-meter accuracy, without heading. Now, with the new iCON 120, operators of these and other machines can benefit from a tailor-made, Leica MC1-based machine control, enabling them to carry out more streamlined operations and consistent workflows with a variety of heavy construction equipment and application requirements.

Answering a diversity of needs

Leica iCON 120 users can start with a single GNSS solution using a satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS), such as WAAS or EGNOS, or they can choose a HxGN SmartNet service. The HxGN SmartNet family offers Network RTK with RTK bridging and Precise Point Positioning (PPP) services that work exclusively with Leica Geosystems GS sensors. The new smart antenna can also be easily switched, with quick mounting and dismounting, between Leica MC1 prepared machines.

Customers can optionally upgrade their basic-level machine-control solution with the Leica CR50 communication unit to receive RTK correction data via radio or modem. This makes for more flexibility and freedom to adapt the machine-control solution to different projects and site requirements. The CR50 features a web interface, automotive Ethernet communication, worldwide cellular modem and integrated dual-frequency UHF radio.

With its HxGN AgrO platform, Hexagon is already providing advanced machine control solutions for a variety of agriculture applications. With the Leica iCON 120, the company continues to broaden its offer of customizable hardware and software machine control solutions for the construction sector.

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