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Perception Software for GNSS, LiDAR and Cameras Boosts IQ of Intelligent Automation

by IAV Staff

Bringing advanced perception technology to the agriculture, construction and mining markets, Trimble and VayaVision will integrate the latter’s raw data sensor fusion and perception software platform with Trimble’s advanced machine-control technology for intelligent automation in complex work environments.

Trimble and Vayavision
Trimble and Vayavision

Sophisticated data fusion for multi-sensor systems such as LiDAR, cameras and GNSS will produce the reliable environmental mapping critical for autonomous solutions — specifically, autonomous machines in challenging environments or supporting safety-critical applications.

The customizable portfolio from the Trimble-VayaVision Alliance will benefit agriculture, construction and mining professionals in several ways, according to the companies’ joint vision:

  • Improving operational efficiency, decreasing labor costs and reducing project timelines
  • Helping customers scale automation efforts from driver assistance features to fully autonomous solutions
  • Offering a flexible, customer-centric approach to product engineering and implementation
  • Reducing customer development costs and accelerating time-to-market with machine automation
  • Augmenting or replacing human control to create a safer work environment through path optimization, obstacle avoidance and situational awareness
  • Reducing idle time, fuel consumption and environmental impact, thus improving sustainability, optimizing vehicle functionality and utilization

Customers’ platform products can be used across multiple end-applications. Highly capable path planning and autonomous systems for agriculture, construction and mining will benefit from advanced, flexible and robust 3D environmental solutions delivered by perception software in both off-road and on-road (passenger car) applications.

Connecting the physical and digital worlds with automation technologies for more than 20 years, Trimble sees the demand for operator assistance, autonomous machines and workflow optimization accelerating dramatically.

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