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Volkswagen Partners with Mobileye for Large-Scale Production of Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles

by IAV Staff
The Volkswagen ID. Buzz AV built on the Mobileye Drive™ autonomous platform. Image: Mobileye.

Volkswagen ADMT GmbH, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, has entered into a collaborative agreement with Mobileye Global Inc., an Israeli tech firm, to embark on a project that positions Volkswagen as the first global automaker to develop and produce autonomous Level 4 service vehicles on a large scale. This initiative is aimed at revolutionizing commercial mobility and transport services across Europe and the USA.

The collaboration, following a comprehensive pilot and road testing phase in Germany and the USA, revolves around the development of the ID. Buzz AD, utilizing the Mobileye Drive™ platform for its self-driving system (SDS). Designed to operate autonomously within specific urban areas, this special version of the ID. Buzz adheres to the Level 4 autonomous driving classification by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), where the vehicle is fully capable of navigating without human intervention.

The partnership entails Mobileye supplying the necessary software, hardware components, and digital maps to equip the ID. Buzz AD. Key features include dual high-performance computers, an array of sensors including 13 cameras, nine lidar, and five radar units for 360-degree environmental perception, coupled with a continuous online connection for real-time traffic data and map updates.

Christian Senger, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Board Member responsible for Autonomous Driving, emphasized the importance of strong partnerships in bringing autonomous shuttles to the streets in significant numbers. He highlighted Mobileye’s contribution of digital driving technologies as critical to the development of the first fully autonomous vehicle for large-scale production.

This cooperation also promises high synergies with Volkswagen Group’s existing automated driving systems, allowing for shared module use across various levels of autonomy (from Level 2+ to Level 4). Volkswagen ADMT GmbH’s vision is to launch the fully electric, autonomous ID. Buzz AD for mobility and transport services by 2026, leveraging intelligent fleet control and insights from MOIA, Volkswagen Group’s ride pooling service operating in Hamburg since 2019.

Beyond passenger transport, the partnership aims to address the logistics industry’s challenges, particularly the driver shortage and the rising demand from e-commerce. Autonomous freight transport is seen as a sustainable solution to ensure delivery capabilities and support market growth.

The deployment of autonomous vehicles for mobility and transportation services not only offers a remedy to the longstanding issue of driver shortages but also stands to enhance urban quality of life and economic development, signifying a transformative step forward in the application of autonomous technology in the commercial sector.

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