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Cruise Resumes Operations in Phoenix, AZ and Dallas, TX

by IAV Staff
Image: Cruise.

Cruise resumed operations in Phoenix, AZ in April of 2024, and as of June 3, has also resumed operations in Dallas, TX. In a corporate blog post, Cruise commented: ” Cruise has a strong history in Phoenix and it is home to a large number of Cruise employees. It’s a city that supports AV and transportation innovation, and Phoenix leaders strive to ensure the metro area is an incubator for advanced technology. We plan to expand this effort to other select cities as we continue to engage with officials and community leaders.” With regard to Dallas operations, Cruise commented, “We’ve made significant progress, guided by new company leadership, recommendations from third-party experts, and a focus on a close partnership with the communities in which our vehicles operate. We are committed to this improvement as a continuous effort.”

“This work is [being] done using human-driven vehicles without autonomous systems engaged, and is a critical step for validating our self-driving systems as we work towards returning to our driverless mission. This will help inform where we ultimately will resume driverless operations,” said Cruise in a statement.

“Cruise has taken a proactive and collaborative approach in working with the city to rebuild trust in its safety protocols,” the city of Dallas said in a statement.

The city said that over time, Cruise will expand its operation to cover a larger area.  

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