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Waymo One Opens to All Users in San Francisco

by IAV Staff

Waymo has announced that its autonomous ride-hailing service, Waymo One, is now available to the public in San Francisco. Effective immediately, anyone can hail a ride with Waymo by downloading the app.

Waymo One has been gradually expanding its service in San Francisco over the past few years. The service, which operates 24/7, has now logged tens of thousands of weekly trips, offering reliable and sustainable transportation for both residents and visitors.

Impact on Local Economy and Transportation

Approximately 30% of Waymo rides in San Francisco are to local businesses, supporting the city’s economy. The service has provided thousands of rides to various establishments, including restaurants, music venues, bars, coffee shops, parks, and museums. Over half of Waymo’s riders have used the service for medical appointments, while 36% have connected to other forms of transit such as BART or Muni. Some users have even utilized Waymo for wedding transportation.

Michelle Cusano, Executive Director at The Richmond Neighborhood Center, expressed appreciation for the service: “I’m thankful to be living in a city that embraces technology when it can improve our lives with convenient and safe modes of transit.”

Environmental and Safety Benefits

Waymo’s fleet is all-electric and uses 100% renewable energy from the City’s CleanPowerSF program. Since beginning commercial operations in August 2023, Waymo rides have contributed to reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 570,000 kg. According to a recent survey, 53% of Waymo users in San Francisco feel that the service has helped them be more environmentally friendly.

Safety is a significant advantage of Waymo’s autonomous vehicles. Over half of the riders reported an improved sense of personal safety when using the service. Charles Renfroe, Development Manager at Openhouse SF, highlighted this benefit: “Members of our community, especially transgender and gender non-conforming folks, don’t have to worry about being verbally assaulted or discriminated against when riding with Waymo.”

Enhancing Mobility for Tourists

Tourists have also embraced Waymo for exploring San Francisco’s landmarks, from the Presidio to the Ferry Building. The app and in-car features support Spanish and Chinese languages, ensuring a more inclusive experience for a diverse group of riders.

Nearly 300,000 people have signed up to ride with Waymo since the waitlist opened, representing over a quarter of San Francisco’s population. Waymo has been incrementally welcoming new riders and is now fully open to everyone.

Commitment to Safety

Waymo’s expansion in San Francisco builds on over 15 years of development in autonomous driving. With more than 20 million rider-only miles and nearly 2 million paid rider-only trips, Waymo aims to enhance road safety. Traffic violence remains a significant issue in San Francisco, with numerous fatalities and injuries reported each year. Waymo’s autonomous technology seeks to address these challenges by reducing the incidence of high-severity collisions.

Patricia Rillera, California State Executive Director of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), emphasized the importance of such technology: “MADD proudly collaborates with autonomous vehicle leaders like Waymo, recognizing their potential to prevent tragedies caused by impaired, distracted, and drowsy driving.”

Waymo has been providing safe transportation for over six years, currently offering more than 50,000 rides a week across three major urban areas. Data indicates that Waymo’s autonomous vehicles are involved in fewer crashes and have fewer insurance claims than human-driven vehicles. The company’s operations in San Francisco have shown a reduction in both injury-related and police-reportable crashes.

Waymo is committed to gradually and responsibly expanding its services. The company works closely with city and state officials, first responders, and road safety advocates to ensure that its service benefits local communities.

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