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Volkswagen Previews Mobile Charging Robot

by IAV Staff

Volkswagen Group Components gave the first glimpse of the prototypes of its mobile charging robot. Volkswagen hopes to expand the charging infrastructure over the next few years with such concepts. Its task: fully autonomous charging of electric vehicles in restricted parking area such as underground garages.

“A ubiquitous charging infrastructure is, and remains, a key factor in the success of electric mobility. Our charging robot is just one of several approaches, but is undoubtedly one of the most visionary,” explained Thomas Schmall, CEO of Volkswagen Group Components.

Operators of parking structures will be able to quickly and simply “electrify” every parking space by installing the mobile charging robot. This reduces any construction work needed and associated costs.

Volkswagen Mobile Charging Robot
Mobile Charging Robot, courtesy Volkswagen.

The entire charging process takes place without any human involvement whatsoever. The charging robot, started via an app or vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) communication, operates totally autonomously. It independently steers to the vehicle to be charged and communicates with it, from opening the charging socket flap to connecting the plug and decoupling it. To charge several vehicles at the same time, the mobile robot moves a mobile energy storage unit to the vehicle, connects it, then repeats the process with other mobile units to charge other vehicles. Once the vehicle is fully charged, the robot independently collects the mobile energy storage unit and takes it back to the central charging station.

“Setting up an efficient charging infrastructure for the future is a central task that challenges the entire sector,” says Schmall. “We are developing solutions to help avoid costly stand-alone measures. The mobile charging robot and our flexible quick-charging station are just two of these solutions.”

The business unit is currently working on a complete DC charging family. The flexible quick-charging station will be launched onto the market in early 2021. The mobile charging robot has successfully reached prototype status and will now be comprehensively further developed. One of the prerequisites for market maturity is V2X communication to facilitate the autonomous charging process.

In the future, Volkswagen Group Components will be responsible for all Volkswagen Group charging activities and charging systems. The intention is to integrate the charging robot into an overall concept that will focus on the long-term success of electric mobility, and thus the electrification of transport.

“Our developments do not just focus on customers’ needs and the technical prerequisites of electric vehicles,” said Schmall. “They also consider the economic possibilities they offer potential partners.”

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