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Velodyne Lidar Introduces Velarray M1600 For Mobile Robotic Applications

by Renee Knight

The Velarray M1600, designed for mobile robotic applications, is the newest addition to Velodyne Lidar’s line of Velarray products and the first in the company’s new M-series. 

The solid-state LiDAR sensor features the company’s micro-lidar array architecture (MLA) and leverages Velodyne’s manufacturing partnerships for “cost optimization and high-volume production,” according to a news release. 

With the sensor, touchless mobile and last-mile delivery robots can safely operate without human intervention. It provides autonomous robots with near-field perception of up to 30 meters and a broad 32-degree vertical field of view—allowing them to safely navigate through urban areas and corridors for delivery and security applications. Robots featuring this sensor also can operate in retail centers, warehouses, industrial plants and medical facilities, as well as in challenging environmental conditions. 

For a complete solution package, the company also offers Vella software, which uses the M1600’s data to detect objects and hazards as well as to protect pedestrians, bicyclists and pets on the roadways. 

The compact form factor makes the sensor well suited for external mounting. It also can be embedded into systems.

“The sensor was designed for high volume mobile robotic applications with direct input from robotics and last-mile delivery customers,” Velodyne Lidar CEO Anand Gopalan said, according to the release. “This durable and compact sensor can be deployed in a wide variety of environments and weather conditions allowing nearly 365-day, 24/7 usage. It can provide the smart, real-time perception data required by autonomous mobile robots for safe and extended operation without human intervention.”

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