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FLIR Launches TrafiBot AI for Traffic Management and Advanced Detection

by IAV Staff
Image: FLIR

FLIR Systems, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies, has unveiled the TrafiBot AI, a new 4K visible camera system for interurban traffic management technology. The TrafiBot AI is engineered to automate incident detection while minimizing false alarms, leveraging FLIR’s extensive experience in sensory technologies. This release aims to improve traffic flow and safety across a variety of roadway environments including highways and tunnels.

The TrafiBot AI utilizes dual proprietary AI models developed from a vast dataset of images collected globally over 30 years. These models are designed to identify and classify both static objects and moving vehicles, including non-traditional vehicles like e-scooters and car-hauler trucks, as well as pedestrians and bicyclists. The integration of FLIR’s patented 3D world tracker enhances the system’s ability to monitor and predict vehicular behavior, even under complex conditions such as occlusion or obscured views.

Key features of the TrafiBot AI include its ability to detect critical traffic incidents like wrong-way driving, tailgating, and sudden lane changes. These capabilities are crucial for traffic managers who need reliable, real-time data to manage road safety effectively.

Stefaan Pinck, Vice President of Business Development at FLIR, emphasized the system’s role in modern traffic management, stating, “Intelligent traffic management systems have advanced significantly, and now require immediate, accurate traffic data to manage incidents effectively. TrafiBot AI delivers this with an innovative blend of proprietary AI, 3D tracking technology, and flexible mounting options suited for a variety of traffic infrastructures.”

The camera system also boasts a three-axis rotational design that allows for easy installation on diverse roadway infrastructures, including the challenging environments inside tunnels. This design eliminates the need for custom adapter plates, simplifying the installation process and reducing traffic disruptions.

Housed in an IP66/67-rated stainless-steel casing, the TrafiBot AI is built to withstand all weather conditions, including salt air and high-pressure water blasts, making it ideal for long-term deployment in harsh environments. The camera’s 4K resolution and optical zoom capabilities extend up to 300 meters, providing broader coverage and enhanced decision support over previous models.

The TrafiBot AI is compatible with FLIR Cascade, a new software integration that organizes and filters traffic incident data, ensuring that only relevant information is presented to traffic operators. This integration allows for immediate review and response to incidents captured by the camera.

As traffic management continues to evolve, tools like the TrafiBot AI are critical for enhancing the safety and efficiency of road networks. The camera will be showcased at Intertraffic Amsterdam, providing attendees with a firsthand look at its capabilities and the potential impact on future traffic management solutions.

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