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Two Mass-Produced Autonomous Trucks Showcase Full-Stack AD Technology

by IAV Staff

At the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) under the theme of “Intelligent Connectivity, Inspirational Cities,” Inceptio Technology exhibited two models of mass-produced autonomous-driving (AD) heavy-duty trucks.

They were developed by Inceptio Technology in cooperation with Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle (DFCV) and Sinotruk, respectively, and equipped with Inceptio’s self-developed full-stack AD system Xuanyuan. Inceptio also presented other latest achievements of its AD technology.

Inceptio Autonomous Truck
Inceptio Autonomous Truck

Inceptio’s vehicle-level full-redundancy control-by-wire chassis in the heavy-duty truck industry is designed by Inceptio and OEMs, with integrated international and domestic Tier1 resources. It allows multi-redundancy in its steering, braking, and power systems.

Inceptio also presented its automotive-grade hardware suite for mass-produced truck models, including LiDAR, millimeter-wave radar, camera, GPS/IMU, computing platform, gateway, T-Box, IVI-Box, etc. All these auto-parts have passed the strict engineering, development, and production certification, as well as electrical, mechanical, environmental, and electromagnetic tests, thus being reliable and durable throughout a lifecycle of 1.5 million kilometers of a heavy-duty truck, according to the company

Following the completion of the Cold Test during winter in Heihe City, Inceptio has performed the accelerated durability test for its AD trucks, and will soon carry out the Hot Test on durability in Hainan. In May 2021, Inceptio obtained China’s first ISO26262 ASIL D certificate of AD truck development process for functional safety.

Following its release in March this year, Inceptio’s Xuanyuan system has continued to upgrade its core algorithms and software programs. Xuanyuan can accurately identify small objects in driving scenarios even in cases of obstructions or sparse point cloud inputs. This system is empowered by the “asymmetric 3D neural network module algorithm” based upon Inceptio’s 3D point cloud semantic segmentation. Inceptio’s FEAD (Fuel Efficient Autonomous Driving) algorithm which targets heavy-duty trucks is also proved compatible with more vehicles and road conditions.

Inceptio’s self-developed on-board computing platform’s CPU and neural network accelerated computing produce a computing power up to 245 TOPS,. The platform also supports a wide array of advanced AD sensors, up to 12-channel 4K HD cameras and 10-channel+ 1000/100 Base T1 Ethernet, as well as a built-in GNSS sensor. Currently, the demo parts have passed the electrical, electronic, and electromagnetic compatibility tests and are qualified for mass production.

Inceptio’s AD functions and features cover 500+ typical ODD (Operation Design Domain) scenarios. Through continuous optimization via simulation, closed and open road tests, the algorithm upgrades to deal with various highway operating conditions or complicated weathers. Inceptio will soon complete the joint acceptance testing for the AD truck C-Sample.

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