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Bestmile, Perrone Robotics Partner

by Renee Knight

Bestmile will now provide autonomous vehicle fleet orchestration for Perrone Robotics. 

The Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform receives ride requests in real-time and dispatches vehicles with optimized routes based on traffic and rider destination, according to a news release. Mobility providers can control operational and customer experience requirements across various service types, including passenger and delivery. The platform continually updates fleet status, traffic and demand data. 

“This partnership brings two pioneers in autonomous mobility with one of the first autonomous vehicle makers and the first fleet orchestration platform,” Bestmile CEO Raphael  Gindrat said, according to the release. ” Partnering with Perrone Robotics will advance both of our businesses and the autonomous mobility industry by proving new use cases and solutions.”  

Perrone Robotics has developed a retrofit kit based on its MAX autonomous vehicle software platform that can be dropped into any vehicle. The kit, known as TONY (TO Navigate You), is capable of Level 4/5 autonomy.   The company has delivered more than 30 autonomous vehicle types for various use cases, recently deploying an all-electric, fully autonomous,  paratransit vehicle to the Jacksonville Transit Authority

“Bestmile’s  Fleet Orchestration Platform provides a critical bridge between autonomous vehicles and fleet operations,” Perrone Robotics CEO Paul Perrone said, according to the release. “With Bestmile, our vehicles are fleet-ready and mobility providers can easily design, deploy and manage intelligent services for people and goods.” 

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