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Topcon Enhances Machine Control Capabilities with HP SitePrint Integration

by IAV Staff

Topcon Positioning Systems has announced the integration of its Layout Navigator (LN-150) with HP SitePrint, available through the Topcon Solutions Store (TSS) network across the United States. This innovative pairing is set to redefine machine control in the construction industry, offering a sophisticated solution to automate and streamline site layout processes for an array of construction professionals, including general contractors and specialists in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) disciplines.

The integration marries the simplicity and efficiency of Topcon’s LN-150, a layout solution renowned for its one-button setup and ease of use, with the precision of HP SitePrint. HP SitePrint’s autonomous robotic unit directly prints digital site layout plans onto construction floors, transitioning the layout process from traditional manual methods to a digitized, automated approach. This advancement significantly enhances the accuracy and speed of laying out construction sites, directly impacting productivity and cost savings.

Ray Kerwin, Director of Global Product Planning at Topcon, emphasized the significance of moving from paper-based to digital layouts in construction. The LN-150’s intuitive design, combined with SitePrint’s high precision and compatibility with leading digital construction workflows such as Autodesk Revit and Civil3D, provides a comprehensive solution for improving machine control in construction projects.

Recent data from HP underscores the necessity for such advancements in the construction sector, revealing that layout errors are a common source of project reworks and delays. Automation in layout tasks is a growing demand within the industry, aiming to enhance productivity levels and minimize the risk of expensive reworks.

The LN-150 is equipped with advanced communication capabilities, including Wi-Fi and long-range Bluetooth, and is designed to work seamlessly with popular cloud-based workflows. By offering precise 3D layout capabilities, the LN-150 addresses critical challenges such as labor shortages and the need for increased return on investment over traditional layout methods.

Mark Contino, Vice President of North American Retail Distribution at Topcon, expressed enthusiasm for bringing this integrated solution to market. He highlighted its potential to revolutionize machine control for construction projects, enabling contractors to shift from manual processes to a digitized, automated workflow efficiently.

Offered through the Topcon Solutions Store, this integration signifies Topcon’s ongoing commitment to providing advanced solutions that meet the changing needs of the construction industry. By leveraging the latest in technology, Topcon aims to equip construction professionals with the tools necessary for enhanced machine control, accuracy, and productivity on their projects.

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