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Argo AI to Test, Develop Autonomous Vehicles at LabCampus in Munich

by Renee Knight

Argo AI has plans to build a test track for autonomous vehicles at Munich International Airport and will become the first company to lease space at the airport’s LabCampus innovation center. 

LabCampus is expected to open in 2022, according to a news release. The test track will be built near the aircraft maintenance hangars in the southwestern part of the airport site. Argo AI’s autonomously driven vehicles will be tested in realistic conditions in various traffic situations.

“This deal illustrates the vast potential of the LabCampus as a think tank and test laboratory for forward-looking mobility concepts,” Munich International Airport CEO Jost Lammers said, according to the release. “Argo AI’s commitment is therefore an important signal to all other firms that can benefit from the vast opportunities of this innovation center.”

Pittsburgh-based Argo AI, established in 2016, has partnerships with U.S. car maker Ford and the VW Group. Munich became Argo AI’s European headquarters last year after VW Group invested USD 2.6 billion in the company. 

“By providing this testing ground at Munich Airport for major players in key industries, we are boosting Bavaria’s appeal and competitiveness as a high-tech location,” LabCampus Managing Director Marc Wagener said, according to the release. 

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