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EasyMile and Kalray Strengthen Partnership

by Renee Knight

EasyMile and Kalray have formalized their relationship to develop intelligent systems with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). 

The partnership comes after the companies worked together in the ES3CAP collaborative project, led by intelligent processors supplier Kalray and announced in 2019, according to a news release. The program is focused on building a hardware and software platform for “manufacturers developing critical applications requiring high computing capacity in the fields of aeronautics.” 

EasyMile’s technology interacts with various radars, cameras and LiDAR sensors. Its software is vehicle agnostic, and its autonomous vehicle solution uses “common-core, unique technology” to address specific use cases. The solution requires underlying platforms to provide safety and performance. 

Electronic Computing Units (ECUs) run applications in parallel without compromising safety. Kalray’s SuperECU®, based on Kalray MPPA® Intelligent Processor, is a patented platform that provides the performance required to compute functions such as artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and support multi-applications with different levels of criticality on the same chip. 

The processors also can provide mathematical algorithms, signal processing and networking software stacks. This heterogenous multi-processing capability is a critical requirement for autonomous vehicles, and is a capability of Coolidge™, a third generation MPPA® processor.

Safety and performance reliability are key for embedded systems, EasyMile Managing Director Benoit Perrin said, according to the release. 

“EasyMile is one of the most advanced companies delivering safe solutions for autonomous vehicles,” Kalray CEO Eric Baissus said, according to the release. “For us, this collaboration is further evidence of the value that our MPPA® intelligent processors and SuperECU® solution can bring to easily build safe autonomous systems.”

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